Our Story

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Alluvial Private Wealth

is an independent wealth management firm focused on helping individuals and families achieve their most important life goals. We also work with charitable foundations and endowments, as well as business owners and their companies’ retirement plans – each with a unique set of goals.

In every relationship, our commitment is to develop a deep understanding of the complexities our clients face in working towards their financial future. We apply our experience and expertise to create a customized plan to help them maximize the probability of success in accomplishing their goals.

Leave nothing to chance, let Alluvial help you plan for your important life goals.

Your Goals

How do we get to know your goals? We get to know you first.

You will find our team to be very open and honest, sharing our own stories and the experiences we’ve learned over decades working closely with other successful people. We’re keen listeners, eager to hear about your expectations and concerns, your objectives and dreams. Understanding your values and how their influence your decisions helps us create a well-tailored plan, just for you.

Once we have identified your goals in collaboration with you, we follow a straightforward three-step process.



we put together a written comprehensive plan designed to maximize the opportunity for you to achieve your goals.



we create an investment portfolio for you, and we invest in a disciplined fashion.



we communicate with you regularly, reporting on your progress, and making appropriate changes as your goals and as the markets change over time.

While our approach is uncomplicated, you will find that our recommendations are always driven by your needs and aligned with your values. When the situation is complex, our expertise allows us to be creative. The result is a holistic strategy for helping you address the decisions in life that require planning, action and ongoing attention.


We launched our independent firm in 2021, driven by the overwhelming desire to do more for our clients. Because we’re independent – and not tied to a corporation’s shareholder - focused agenda – we have the flexibility to source the best products and services from a full range of providers. That means we can offer truly holistic financial planning services to you, no matter where your assets are custodied. We have a broader selection of investment managers to choose from. We can shop around on your behalf for better lending rates. Our holistic planning has been enhanced with our access to better software and programs that we get to personally test and validate.

We also get to communicate with our clients in new ways. We can use virtual technology for online meetings and webinars, as well as more freely share information and announcements through social media. We can speak on the radio and on podcasts. We can publish our own blogs, even books. We’ll look to do all of this, as a means of conveying insights about best practices for managing your wealth.

But most of all, our independence allows us to customize our services to best fit your unique needs.

Our Name

Alluvium is the clay, sand and rocks left by flowing waters, usually in a river valley or delta, which typically produces highly fertile soil, like that found in Marion, Ohio.

This highly fertile soil aided the growth of civilization, as ancient peoples relied on alluvial plains to grow and harvest agricultural crops.

Alluvial fertile soil is how we envision the financial plan we create for you, ready for portfolio growth and success.


We are also deeply committed to life in Marion, Ohio, and as an opportunity zone business, we are committed to staying in Marion. As noted on our team bios, our founder Lars Olson is the volunteer immediate past chair of the board for Marion CANDO, the county’s economic development organization. He helped establish the Forge Marion small business competition, designed to inspire new business formation in Marion. Manoj Sharma is Lieutenant District Governor for the Kiwanis Clubs in Central Ohio. Lisa Bush serves on the board of the Marion Women’s Club, Women’s Business Council and other local charities.

Check out Community News on our News page.


Our independence allows us to work in an open architecture, where we have access to a virtually unlimited range of investment products and solutions. We have partnered with industry leaders to provide our clients with highly differentiated services.

To safeguard our clients’ assets, we work with Charles Schwab, one of the world’s largest custodians, with over $6.0 trillion in client assets. We are also a partner firm of Sanctuary Wealth, a wealth management platform whose advanced technology and resource systems enable us to deliver an institutional quality experience for our clients.