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How can I reach you?
We are very excited to show you our new office, which is in a gorgeous four-story granite building in downtown Marion. Previously the PNC Bank building, this building is the downtown home for Marion Technical College, MarionMade and TRECA. For those of you in town, we invite you to drop by and visit us! For folks who aren’t local, we’d be proud to give you a Zoom tour. Here’s how you can find us:

Alluvial Private Wealth
107 N Main Street Suite 202
Marion, OH 43302

main office line 740-244-8815
Why did you start your own independent wealth management firm?
After 28 years working for national brokerage firms, I saw the clear advantages of independence for my clients. Being independent allows us to give more comprehensive financial planning advice to our clients, while also accessing a much broader list of investment solutions. Being independent also gives us the freedom to make a long-term commitment to stay in Marion. As an independent firm, we can shop around for banking services and the best possible rate on loans for clients who need liquidity. Without corporate ownership, we are not pressured into selling checking accounts or other banking services that our clients may not want or need.
Is establishing an independent firm unusual in the wealth management profession?
No. There have been major shifts in the financial services industry over the last few years. With changes in technology, the ability for small firms to have access to the same (if not better) investment opportunities and cutting-edge software has leveled the playing field. For these reasons, the migration of advisors from large brokerage firms and other corporate financial institutions to RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) has accelerated. Each year, more advisors are voting with their feet, recognizing that the independent model is better for their clients, better for their local community and better for the advisors themselves. The many advisors who have made this move before us have been resoundingly positive about the significant improvements in technology, research, security, and resources, and, most importantly, in their freedom to deliver fully on the promises they make to their clients every day.
Are my assets and information safe?
Yes. Charles Schwab is one of the largest custodians in the world, and they are committed to keeping client assets safe and secure. We have available for you “How Client Assets Are Protected At Schwab” and “Charles Schwab: Who We Are” for your review. It outlines the company’s financial strength, history, capital structure, and procedures that ensure the security of your accounts.
If I want to work with Alluvial Private Wealth, what is the process?
We have made the move to independence to better serve you, and so we’re thrilled you are interested in joining us. We’ve taken steps to make the process as easy as possible. First, we will help you open investment accounts at Schwab. Then we transfer the assets IN KIND from Merrill to Schwab, a process which takes about 5-10 business days. Nothing is sold from your account, and there are no tax consequences for an IN KIND transfer. Likewise, there are no tax consequences for IRA and retirement account transfers. Merrill charges a transfer & account closure fee, but we will refund those fees to you after your assets have transferred to Schwab. You will be able to follow your money during the process – you can log onto Merrill’s online site to see the assets transfer out and then log onto Schwab’s online site to see the assets arrive.
Will my investments have to change if I move to Alluvial?
No, your investments won’t need to change. Virtually all of the investment managers, mutual funds and securities available at our prior company are also available at Schwab. Having said that, we may want to suggest changes to your investment portfolio based on the much broader list of available managers, funds and investments available to us at Schwab. A major benefit of being an independent wealth management firm is the opportunity to bring more investment opportunities to our clients.